Learning Events

In addition to conferences, cohorts, and on-demand learning, Goodwill Academy offers a variety of learning events throughout the year. See learning event topics and dates on the calendar.


Webinars provide an opportunity for team members in any location or time zone to come together real-time through video conferencing.  Goodwill Academy offers several regular webinar series on a variety of topics, from Marketing and Communications to Mission Advancement. 

Lead and Learn Labs

Lead and Learn Labs are workshops showcasing and sharing information about a local Goodwill organization’s programs and best practices.  These multiple day, in-person workshops are hosted in partnership with a local Goodwill and engage attendees in hands-on learning activities.

Roundtable Discussions

Roundtables are small-group discussions that explore a specific topic.

DGR Optimization Learning Events

These multiple-day, in-person learning events may have multiple tracks where participants come together to learn topics related to optimizing their donated goods retail operations.  Participants may then have the option of joining a cohort to continue learning.

Mission Optimization Learning Events

Similar to the above, these multiple-day, in-person learning events have multiple tracks for participants to come together on Mission-related topics. 
You can find Goodwill Academy’s upcoming learning events on the calendar!

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