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Group Meeting Materials

We are delighted to welcome you to the Older Workers Community. We hope you find new ideas for serving adults ages 55 and older who are seeking to upskill or re-enter the workforce. By joining our community, you can network with others who are utilizing funding like SCSEP to offer the Opportunity Accelerator™ to older adults.

[Group] Membership

All Goodwill members who are providing SCSEP services or who are interested in learning more about the model are welcome to join this group and participate. 

How We Communicate

By joining the forum, you will be invited to participate in specific group peer to peer sessions, mission learning events, and ongoing communications about best practices in serving older adults. 

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Relevant Resources

This area if for more evergreen resources like toolkits, downloads and relevant quality foundation stuff. 
  • Resource 1 https://exchange.goodwill.org/older-workers
  • Resource 2
  • Resource 3

Group Meeting Materials

This area is for past recording and meeting materials. It should autopopulate. Update this introduction text before publishing. 

Looking for a different event or meeting? Visit the Past Recordings and Meeting Materials page.

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